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2-Playing Additional League & LIJSL Fall 2014

Registration closes in 8 days

Playing with VOB and registered in both LIJSL and NYCSL/JSS/NERP teams during same season.

Fall 2014 Clinic U4-U6 Registration

Registration is closed

Clinic (U4-U6). The Clinic program at V.O.B. Soccer is for young players who are interested in trying/continuing soccer. The program is design to introduce young children up to the age of 6 to the game. They play on a small team against other V.O.B. teams at the same age level (coed). The teams meet on Sunday afternoons (some Saturday exceptions) for a half hour practice, which is followed by a half hour game. The size of field and goals varies which each age group. The focus of the program is to have all of the children have as many “touches” with a soccer ball as possible, getting them comfortable playing the game. No scores are kept and all of the children are given equal time to play in the game. At the end of the season all of the children are rewarded with a trophy for their efforts.

We are supported by a youth trainers who assist all coaches with the practice drills and instruction.

Sessions are either 12:15-1:15 or 12:45-1:45. Lone exception is our "Friday FUN Night"

Fall 2014 Intramural Ages U7-U8

Registration is closed

This is to register as an intramural for VOB's Spring 2014 Season. The in-house intramural program is for U7 and U8 players. Teams are no longer coed.

Born between:

August 1, 2007-July 31, 2008 - U7

August 1, 2006-July 31, 2007 - U8

We play a combined U7/U8 age grouping.

Majority of games are held on Sundays - St. Patrick's School fields at either 2pm or 3:15 start times.

1-LIJSL Travel Soccer 2014/2015

Registration is closed

This is to Register as a Travel Team Player within VOB. Registration for Fall/Spring 2014-2015. 09-01 to 6-15. ONLY Register if you have tried out for and been assigned to a VOB travel team. You would have been informed by the Club/Coaches.

These are not in-house intramural teams. Our in-house intramural teams are from ages U4-U8.

Getting Help

If you need help with the registration process, click here to submit a request, or contact:

For assistance with Clinic Soccer,
contact John Rorick

For assistance with Intramural Soccer: U Seven and up,
contact John Rorick

For assistance with Registration,
contact Jeremy Thode

For more information, visit the Village of the Branch Soccer Club website at


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Mission Statement

The members of the Village of the Branch Soccer Club are dedicated to providing children with a program to assist in their development as athletes and individuals. 

Founded in 1978 VOB Soccer provides a positive and constructive environment which facilitates the development of soccer skills, promotes good sportsmanship, enhances a child's self esteem, all while having fun.

V.O.B. Code of Conduct